Flick & Play has designed and created a unique attraction! When we installed the first Superwarrio, the customer told us: ``I don't know how the place worked without it`` and indeed their visitors are waiting in line for the Wipeout Challenge as well. Superwarrio Wipeout wall is intended for Trampoline parks, Amusement parks and Aqua parks. The Superwarrio Wipeout is fully automated with an electronic system and provides a unique and captivating experience which develops a competitive spirit. The Superwarrio takes up a small space surface for an attraction and can be installed on existing pits with a sponge or airbag pool without interfering with other activities. It can be matched with an existing Ninja warrior or other attraction. In addition to the basic model, Superwarrio can be customized with varying dimensions depending on your needs and with different and custom designed Wipeout barriers. Superwarrio is an attraction for all ages and provides the possibility of organizing various competitions. We adapt the design and colors to your needs, with the additional possibility of adding LED lighting. You can also check out other standalone Wipeout systems and Wipeout equipment that We manufacture. This attraction will certainly increase the profitability of your Trampoline Park. Let your Wipeout TV Show begin!