Manufacturers of indoor playgrounds, playground structures,indoor playgrounds production.
Play constructions (labyrinths, cages) are the main product for the playroom.
Labyrinths work in segments, which makes them easy to assemble and Easy disassembly.
Labyrinths for children's playgrounds are made of high quality materials and they are our specialty.
Children's labyrinths are made in different sizes, we make them with the maximum salary
and innovative solutions as well as the most beautiful barriers for children’s playgrounds.
At the same time, he is constantly inventing
We make 2D and 3D mazes and equipment to make our playgrounds shine.
Like kids are playing in the real world, just tell us the name and theme of the games,
We make all the motifs and invent new ones: jungle, circus, pirates, castle and a lot more.
Making a playground requires the highest level of safety and the utmost care.
Play structures Can be used for outdoor and indoor use.
You can see the rest with photos and videos, and I can say it all.